File #: 2016-2502   
Type: Regular Agenda Item
Body: Planning Board
On agenda: 1/25/2016
Title: Planning Board Workshop on Encinal Terminals
Attachments: 1. Exhibit 1 - Encinal Terminals Initial Concepts, 2. Handout from Developer at the meeting

Planning Board Workshop on Encinal Terminals


To: President and
Members of the Planning Board

From: Andrew Thomas, Assistant Community Development Director


Encinal Terminals is an approximately 22-acre peninsula of land surrounded by water on three sides located behind the Del Monte Warehouse on the Northern Waterfront. The Wind River office campus is immediately across the Alaska Basin from the site, and the eastern edge of the peninsula is occupied by Fortman Marina. By boat, the site is located approximately 425 yards from Oakland and approximately 10 miles from San Francisco.

The property owners, North Waterfront Cove LLC (NWC), hopes to redevelop the land with a mix of uses consistent with the City's General Plan and Zoning Ordinance. Over the last five months, NWC has been evaluating the site with its design consultants and has held five informal community meetings with interested neighbors and residents to solicit input to the site planning process.

At this time, NWC would like to discuss its initial ideas about the site with the Planning Board. Based upon the comments received from the community to date, from the Planning Board and from its design and engineering consultants, NWC will submit an application for a Master Plan for the site. When an application is filed, staff will schedule additional public meetings with the Planning Board to review and comment on the draft Master Plan. Once the Planning Board has completed its review of the Master Plan and the draft environmental documents, neither of which have been completed or submitted to the City as of this date, the Planning Board will make a recommendation to the City Council. Pursuant to the Alameda Municipal Code (AMC), the City Council has the responsibility for approving or denying a Master Plan.

To provide a starting point for the Planning Board workshop, NWC has provided Exhibit 1, which includes some...

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