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File #: 2020-7584   
Type: Council Referral
Body: City Council
On agenda: 1/7/2020
Title: Consider Directing Staff to Develop a Recommendation on an Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR) Program. (Vice Mayor Knox White)



Consider Directing Staff to Develop a Recommendation on an Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR) Program.  (Vice Mayor Knox White)






The Council can take any of the following actions:

1) Take no action.

2) Refer the matter to staff to schedule as a future City Council agenda item.

3) Take dispositive action if sufficiently noticed such that the public and Council have been provided sufficient information by the published agenda, and no formal published notice of a public hearing is required.


Name of Councilmember requesting referral: John Knox White


Date of submission to City Clerk (must be submitted before 5:00 p.m. on the Monday two weeks before the Council meeting requested):


Council Meeting date: 1/7/19


Brief description of the subject to be printed on the agenda, sufficient to inform the City Council and public of the nature of the referral:


Provide direction to the City Manager, City Attorney and City Clerk to develop a recommendation on an Automated License Plate Readers (ALPR) program in Alameda.


In 2018, the Alameda City Council put on hold a request from the Police Department for ALPRs until a sanctuary city-related privacy policy was developed. Having adopted an expanded policy and provided direction for the creation of an ordinance on privacy and surveillance on December 17, it is appropriate to check in with the City Council to identify the parameters under which an ALPR project might possibly move forward for consideration.


This referral seeks Council direction to staff to compile and share with the Council:

                     The development of a well-researched report on the likely impact of ALPRs on crime, police resources, including unintended changes in enforcement focus.

o                     The report should include:

§                     Effectiveness in reducing auto theft, auto recovery, reduction in property crime, reduction in Class I crimes

§                     Error rates and mis-identification of vehicles

§                     Areas where ALPRs will not support enforcement

o                     The report should be based on independent studies. News articles, vendor reports and anecdotal statements from proponents or opponents should not be used.

                     Provide a report compliant with San Francisco’s surveillance ordinance, as the current surveillance ordinance is not adopted.

                     Options for addressing data collection and warehousing, ranging from not sharing any data to regional sharing compliant with the privacy policy/ordinance.

                     The report should include information on the level of interest of Alameda Police Department leadership in proceeding under each of the identified scenarios.

                     Additional Council direction provided at the meeting.


Priority Ranking:


 ↑ Urgent







Important →


____ 1 = Not urgent, not important

____ 2 = Urgent, not important

____ 3 = Urgent and important

_X__ 4 = Not urgent, important