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File #: 2020-8191   
Type: Consent Calendar Item
Body: Transportation Commission
On agenda: 7/22/2020
Title: Approve Meeting Minutes - May 27, 2020



Approve Meeting Minutes - May 27, 2020









*This meeting was held via Zoom*


Chair Soules convened the meeting at 7:00pm.


1.                     ROLL CALL

Present: Chair Soules, Commissioners Kohlstrand, Nachtigall, Hans, Johnson, Yuen, Weitze.

Absent: None.


2.                     AGENDA CHANGES




3A. Transportation Commission Meeting: Wed, July 22


3B. Alameda Active Transportation Plan: Latest info at


3C. Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools online resources, activities and webinars during coronavirus pandemic:


3D. Alameda Slow Streets program web page:


3E. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) 2020 Trainings:


3F. Emergency Alerts for Alameda - Subscribe at AC Alert web page:


3G. Regional Emergency Transportation Alerts - Subscribe:


3H. Clipper Card (adults) - order on line or at Walgreens or set up Autoload to add value automatically:


3I. Clipper Card Discounts for youth, seniors and people with disabilities -


3J. FasTrak or new toll tag for upcoming I-880 Express Lanes scheduled to open late summer 2020: on line or at Walgreens (except not Park Street location) and then register on line: <>


4.                     CONSENT CALENDAR

4-A 2020-7983

Approve Meeting Minutes - February 26, 2020


Commissioner Nachtigall made a motion to approve the minutes. Commissioner Kohlstrand seconded the motion. The motion passed 7-0.


4-B 2020-7984

Approve Meeting Minutes - January 22, 2020


Commissioner Kohlstrand made a motion to approve the minutes. Commissioner Nachtigall seconded the motion. The motion passed 7-0.


5.                     NEW BUSINESS

5-A 2020-7985

Recommendation to Approve the Updated Clement Avenue Safety Improvement Project Concept.


Andrew Thomas, Planning, Building and Transportation Director, gave a presentation. The staff report and attachments can be found at: <>.


Gail Payne, Senior Transportation Coordinator, reviewed the feedback received by the public and explained staff’s position related to each.


Commissioner Kohlstrand asked for clarification about which portions of the street and sidewalk would be resurfaced or rebuilt.


Jake Gunther, CDM Smith, said they are planning to widen sidewalks around power poles and fix driveways and intersections as necessary.


Commissioner Kohlstrand asked what criteria was being used for having the elevated cycle track sections.


Brian McGuire, Transportation Planner, explained that the cycletrack would be raised in two places in front of the Alameda Marina project in order to access the Bay Trail and one other access point into the new development.


Chair Soules opened the public comment:


Pat Potter said Bike Walk Alameda supports the recommended design.


Chair Soules closed the public comment.


Commissioner Nachtigall made a motion to approve the staff recommendation. Commissioner Hans seconded the motion.


Commissioner Kohlstrand asked how the design would address the safety of the two way cycletrack conflicting with the many driveways.


Mr. Gunther said they would apply green paint at driveways as a visual cue and will consider elevated bikeways in some sections.


Chair Soules suggested that the construction notices include educational outreach about the safety issues related to the new design.


Commissioner Johnson asked if the concerns about turning lanes at Park Street had been addressed.


Staff Member Payne said they included a right turn lane to accommodate people heading towards the bridge in the morning, which is the busiest turning movement.


Commissioner Weitze asked if the buffer details would come back to the Commission given previous discussions surrounding bollards.


Staff Member Payne said they do not typically bring that type of detail back to the Commission, but that request can be made given the circumstances and changing design.


Commissioner Johnson said he would prefer the bollards be minimized as much as possible.


Commissioner Kohlstrand asked if the buffer would be a raised, physical buffer, or if it might be only paint.


Staff Member Payne said that if there was parking adjacent to the bikeway there would not be more physical elements and that where there was not parking, more physical elements would be included.


The motion passed 7-0.


5-B 2020-7986

Recommendation to Approve Transportation Commission Bylaw Revisions


Staff Member Payne gave a presentation. The staff report and attachments can be found at: <>.


Commissioner Kohlstrand made a motion to approve the staff recommendation. Commissioner Yuen seconded the motion. The motion passed 7-0.


6.                     STAFF COMMUNICATIONS

6-A 2020-7987

Status Report on Transportation


Staff Members Payne, Wheeler, Wikstrom and Vance gave a presentation. The staff report and presentation can be found at: <>.


Commissioner Johnson expressed support for reworking the business districts to provide space for outdoor dining and pushing even further.


Commissioner Weitze asked what the plan would be for when traffic returns to higher levels.


Staff Member Wikstrom explained that the traffic volumes in the business districts can be supported by the reduced number of lanes if turn pockets are included.


Commissioner Weitze asked what can be done for restaurants not on the main corridors.


Staff Member Wheeler said the parklet ordinance is being streamlined to allow parking to be removed for dining where a lane reduction is not planned.


Commissioner Weitze asked if the shelter in place is showing how beneficial it can be to have more people working from home and if we are looking at ways to incentivize that behavior.


Staff Member Payne said one project the City is working on is utilizing our past as a telecom provider to develop internet infrastructure for residents.


Commissioner Yuen noted that some of the drop in traffic is related to the large numbers of people furloughed and laid off and we should be sensitive to that. She asked how the expanded pedestrian zones on commercial streets would be demarcated. She also asked how we would be allowing public input on such large changes to these streets.


Staff Member Wikstrom said they would restripe the streets in phases in a relatively permanent fashion rather than have any temporary treatments.


Staff Member Wheeler said the public did have an opportunity to hear the plan and provide input when the item went to City Council. She added that staff is working intimately with the business community as plans are developed.


Commissioner Kohlstrand expressed concern that a single lane configuration on Park Street could lead to delays, including for buses, as people try to park. She asked if there would be expansion of Slow Streets on the East End to connect into the rest of the network.


Staff Member Wheeler showed the proposed network and how Versailles would connect via San Jose. She said connecting the northern section to Pacific is challenging given the intersections in the area.


Commissioner Nachtigall asked if preserving parking on Park Street was necessary given the competing priorities of expanding parklets and maintaining traffic and transit throughput.


Staff Member Wikstrom explained that the existing parking lanes are narrow and would not provide much space on their own without removing the second travel lane.


Chair Soules said the Transportation Research Bureau puts out lots of useful information that Commissioners could benefit from. She noted we are in new territory and priorities may be changing and she looks forward to seeing what projects become more attractive in the current environment.


Commissioner Yuen asked how Covid is impacting the Active Transportation Plan process and priorities.


Staff Member Wheeler said the emergency measures are an opportunity to test out aspects under consideration in the Active Transportation Plan.


Staff Member Payne added that the 10 year CIP would be coming as soon as September and would be an opportunity to take a fresh look at how projects are prioritized.


Chair Soules opened the public comment.


Kristy Cannon said the CASA transportation group would be supportive of working on options to incentivize teleworking.


Ashley Lorden said the Park Street plans should have more of the parking lane used for pick up and drop off instead of having so much regular parking.


Staff Member Wheeler said the enclosed diagram was an early draft and staff would be looking closely at the need for more drop off zones.


6-B Future Meeting Agenda Items

1. General Plan Updates

2. Active Transportation Plan Updates

3. Central Avenue Concept Approval

4. Ten-year Capital Improvement Program

5. Traffic Signal Policy

6. Oakland Alameda Access Project Update

7. Election of Transportation Commission Chair and Vice Chair


6-C Future Meeting Dates for 2020

1. Wednesday, July 22

2. Wednesday, September 23

3. Wednesday, November 18





8.                     ADJOURNMENT

Chair Soules adjourned the meeting at 8:55 p.m.