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File #: 2020-8195   
Type: Regular Agenda Item
Body: Transportation Commission
On agenda: 7/22/2020
Title: Discuss the New Transbay Rail Crossing - BART to Alameda
Attachments: 1. Exhibit 1 NTRC Fact Sheet, 2. Exhibit 2 NTRC 2020-07-22 Presentation



Discuss the New Transbay Rail Crossing - BART to Alameda




Transportation Commission

July 22, 2020

Item 6B



Discuss the New Transbay Rail Crossing - BART to Alameda



The City of Alameda supports a BART station in Alameda as part of the New Transbay Rail Crossing project between San Francisco and Oakland.  In 2013, Mayor Marie Gilmore formally requested BART to consider BART to Alameda and to include Alameda in its planning efforts.  As part of the City’s Transportation Choices Plan outreach effort in 2015, the City conducted a statistically significant public opinion survey to gauge attitudes, and two-thirds of respondents (65 percent) strongly support (47 percent) or support somewhat (18 percent) a BART station in Alameda.  Consequently, the Transportation Choices Plan included “BART to Alameda” as one of the long-term projects, and the City Council approved this citywide Plan in January 2018.



Attached to this staff report in Exhibits 1 and 2 are a fact sheet and presentation, respectively, on the New Transbay Rail Crossing.  At the Transportation Commission meeting, Sadie Graham of BART and Camille Tsao of Capitol Corridor will discuss the process, which begins with finalizing the project concept and alignment, environmental clearance, design and then construction.  Construction is expected to be completed in 2040.


BART/Capitol Corridor have not decided on the exact alignment of the New Transbay Rail Crossing, and staff will show in the presentation which alignments have been considered previously by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) that include Alameda.  The best potential locations for BART stations in Alameda are the College of Alameda and Alameda Point, which are both considered in MTC’s corridor alternatives that connect to Oakland’s MacArthur BART station, and are known as the Broadway Corridor and 980 Corridor, respectively. 


After reviewing past proposed alignments prepared by BART and considering Alameda’s transportation needs, Planning, Building and Transportation Department staff believe that the best possible locations for a new Alameda BART station would be on the west end of Alameda in the vicinity of Webster Street, the College of Alameda, or at Alameda Point.  In support of the City’s two designated Priority Development Areas (NAS Alameda and Northern Waterfront), these potential locations would support construction of an underground, urban-style BART station (similar to the station in Downtown Berkeley or at 19th Street in Oakland).  Staff does not recommend a suburban-style BART station with large parking structures or parking lots (similar to the Dublin Station or the Walnut Creek Station.   The west end locations also provide the best opportunities for development of supportive, mixed use, higher density, transit, pedestrian, and bicycle oriented development in the immediate vicinity of the new station. 


The City of Alameda is an eager partner and City staff expresses strong support of the New Transbay Rail Crossing project - including BART to Alameda, the multi-jurisdictional planning process and the BART/Capitol Corridor collaboration.  The City of Alameda supports the New Transbay Rail Crossing project not only for its congestion relief benefits but also for its ability to act as an emergency lifeline transportation corridor in the event of a disaster transporting not only passengers bus also tools, water or equipment.


Budget Considerations/Fiscal Impact




Discuss the New Transbay Rail Crossing project including BART to Alameda.



Respectfully submitted by,



Gail Payne

Senior Transportation Coordinator




1.                     New Transbay Rail Crossing Fact Sheet

2.                     New Transbay Rail Crossing Presentation