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File #: 2021-1413   
Type: Minutes
Body: Subcommittee of the City Council and School Board
On agenda: 10/27/2021
Title: Approval of the September 15, 2021 Minutes



Approval of the September 15, 2021 Minutes




AUSD/City Council Subcommittee Meeting

Draft Minutes


Start - 8:32 am

Via - Zoom (recorded)


1                     Call to Order/General Introduction

Jennifer Williams, AUSD Board of Education, President

Heather Little, AUSD Board of Education, Trustee

John Knox White, Councilmember and Chair of Meeting



                     Gerry Beaudin, Assistant City Manager, City of Alameda

                     Susan Davis, AUSD Senior Manager of Community Affairs (PIO)

                     Kale Jenks, Alameda Family Services

                     Shariq Khan, AUSD Chief Business Officer

                     Michelle Koka, Executive Assistant, City of Alameda

                     Randy Marmor, President of Alameda Youth Basketball

                     Jodi McCarthy, AUSD Student Services Coordinator

                     Pasquale Scudari, Superintendent, AUSD

                     Vicki Sedlack, Executive Director, Alameda Education Foundation

                     Amy Wooldridge, Director ARPD, City of Alameda (host)

                     Kirsten Zazo, AUSD Chief Student Support Officer


Gerry Beaudin excused himself from meeting due to calendar conflict with another meeting. Amy Wooldridge took over for Mr. Beaudin. Brief Introductions for subcommittee members.

Councilmember Knox White Chairing Meeting. Congratulations made to Jennifer Williams as new President of the AUSD Board of Education.


2                     Minutes


No voting on approval of minutes per President Williams


3                     Oral Communication Non-Agenda (Public Comment)


4                     City/Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) Issues


4-A Pool Facilities (AUSD & City)


Ø                     Shariq Kahn met with Alameda County Health Department to get an extension on shutting down Emma Hood Pool yesterday, September 14, 2021. A lot of money spent but had to shut down due to COVID-19. If the pool gets shut down, improvements to Encinal High school’s pool, such flood light, need to be made. Will need to buy time to start that project. Next step is to document and send to the County. They will have a good understanding of what we are asking for.


Ø                     Heather Little asking if additional flood lights would be needed because of extra pool time. Mr. Kahn replied in the affirmative and also noted that Alameda High students would now also be coming to Encinal High’s pool for practice late into night. Current flood lights are not sufficient. CEQUA would need to be involved.


Ø                     Mr. Kahn mentioned that the County’s record show that the pool was constructed in 1985. This is incorrect. The pool was constructed in 1952. Therefore, the pool is “grand-fathered in” to date of construction. State doesn’t require to update to code. The current filtration system would be grand-fathered in. Mr. Kahn intends to bring this issue up to the County.


Ø                     Councilmember Knox White stated that there did not seem to be any action required at this time from the School Board or the City. Mr. Kahn confirmed.


Ø                     Ms. Little asked Ms. Wooldridge if there was any update on the agreement usage with Alameda High School regarding pool time.


Ø                     Ms. Wooldridge stated Mr. Kahn was working on this. They have an architect working on plans.


Ø                     Mr. Kahn had good news about exiting plan that the architect thought moving one gate and putting a padlock on the other may meet the exiting requirements. He doesn’t believe it has been submitted to DSA yet.


Ø                     Ms. Williams wonders why this is taking so long. What is status of joint use agreement?


Ø                     Mr. Kahn replied regular work and drawings being submitted. Not a high priority just moving along at its own pace. The approval of the joint use agreement is pending approval of the exiting plan getting approved.


Ø                     Knox White asked if we could move the joint use agreement in with a caveat that the Encinal High pool for daytime use will kick in when we have approval of the DSA exit plan.


Ø                     Move forward pending DSA approval has been decided.


4-B Field and Gym Rentals to Public (AUSD)


Ø                     Mr. Kahn stated no gyms are rented at this point. Internal meeting on 9/28 with athletic directions and school principles to see where we are. Gyms are used for COVID testing. High school gyms have no air purification yet. Renting outdoor spaces. Fields are rented case by case basis. Schools block time ahead of time.


Ø                     Councilmember Knox White asked about school yards. Edison’s gates locked. Folks jumping gates. Are school yards opening up?  Edison, Otis, Earhart and Bay Farm opening up at 3:30 pm. Closing at dusk except for Friday. Stays open til Monday morning.


Ø                     Mr. Marmor interested in gym rentals from middle and high schools. Alameda Youth Basketball Program depends on those rentals. District has not been able to rent indoor. Let’s assume after 9/28 to rent out facilities. Will district require guidelines be put into place in order to use the gym?  Masks, testing, no fans or parents in gym. Likely the lessees will have to abide.


Ø                     Mr. Kahn stated additional liability protection from school district will be needed. Sixth grade students in middle schools pose a challenge as every 3rd week, middle school gyms are used to test anywhere from 100-150 students. Gym is used for this. Testing is done til 6 or 6:30 pm and also all day on Saturday.


Ø                     Mr. Marmor stated practice starts at 6:30 pm.


Ø                     Mr. Kahn - working on modified testing for middle schools. Not past 6 pm.



Ø                     Mr. Marmor - when will rentals begin? Working with Carrier to install air purifiers in gyms, not in place yet.


Ø                     Ms. Sedlack asks about Alameda Point gym and outdoor rental spaces. Every rental requests takes double time to approve.


Ø                     Ms. Wooldridge said floors are being refurbished and should be done mid-October.


Ø                     Mr. Marmor has not put rental requests due to current situation. Requests come in, they will sit in queue.


Ø                     President Williams - inquired about outdoor courts. Ms. Wooldridge stated that courts at Lincoln and Washington Parks are heavily used by the public. Godfrey as four courts. Washington Park has 2 full courts, heavily used but not lit. Leydecker is lit and used til lights go out.


Ø                     Mr. Kahn - after rental is over can site be prepared for school day the next morning? Complicated by down seven custodians to clean up afterward for school usage next morning.  Practices can run til 9 pm.


Ø                     Councilmember Knox White - Sports leagues need answers pretty quickly.


Ø                     President Williams - Let’s keep this item on agenda.


4-C Revenue Measures (AUSD & City)


Ø                     Ms. Wooldridge - :Update each other’s revenue measures -


Ø                     Mr. Kahn - new bond with school district 2020 bond, side tracked with COVID. Started process again, talked about potential future bond projects. Public polling completed. Focus - modernization of middle and additional high schools, joint athletic facilities (Lum, baseball reconstruct of Otis School potential 319 million dollar bond June 2022 if board approves.


Ø                     Ms. Wooldridge - inquired if Alameda High School’s pool in the polling. Did not bring up as potentiation project.


Ø                     Councilmember Knox White -   some indication school district may be willing to put money into last minute effort to save Emma Hood - less interest in that direction.


Ø                     Board approval - still have time. Pools do not usually poll very well in bond discussion. People look more into impact of classrooms.


4-D Future Meeting Format In-Person/Hybrid/Remote (AUSD & City)


Ø                      President Williams - inquired if Governor signed bill for remote meeting. Councilmember Knox White sated it should be signed at end of week.


Ø                     Superintendent Scuderi - asked if City was moving towards hybrid meetings. If so he would need more staff to run these meetings. Answer: not at this time.


Ø                     Ms. Wooldridge -  will confirm with Clerk to coordinate with AUSD.


. 4-E                     Mental Health Contract with Alameda Family Services (City)


Ø                     Mr. Jenks shared update with AFS, AUSD, City update. AUSD funding has allowed AFS to be in all schools K-12. Have one full time FTE in Encinal and Alameda High Schools. Position posted for city funded therapist, not only for AUSD but for Alameda community. Difficult to hire staff at this time. Many schools do not have therapists allocated. Referrals have increased.


Ø                     Councilmember Knox white - appreciates partnership


Ø                     Ms. Little - acknowledged referrals are up 50%. Kids are self-referring which means they are comfortable and meeting a need that we knew was going to be there.


4- F Native American History (AUSD & City)


Ø                     Ms. Wooldridge - update on meeting with rep from Confederated Villages of Lisjan and interested in curriculum with school district.


Ø                     Superintendent Scuderi -  Dr. Vernon Walter and Von Right - will be directors of education. Tasked to head up adoption process of new curriculum.


4-G COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements and Testing (AUSD & City)


Ø                     City is considering mandates.


Ø                     Superintendent Scuderi - all school employees vaccinated or testing weekly. Vaccine rate are high. 72 or 73% in students age 12 or over. As of today no vaccination requirement.


Ø                     Ms. Little: curious what Governor will mandate over this issue.


Ø                     Speaker Cobb - stated vaccine not a panacea


Ø                     President Williams - shout out to Ms. Davis and Mr. Kahn. We are looking at data in town where vaccine rate is low - talking about a walking campaign with medical community.


5                     New Business:

There was no new business discussed.


6        Adjournment:

               The meeting was adjourned by John Knox White at 9:26 am (Zoom meeting was recorded to the cloud)

Respectively Submitted,


Michelle J. Koka

Executive Assistant

City Manager’s Office