File #: 2023-2865   
Type: Regular Agenda Item
Body: Golf Commission
On agenda: 3/14/2023
Title: Golf Course Drainage Report by Public Works
Attachments: 1. Chuck Corica Drainage Report

Golf Course Drainage Report by Public Works

To: Honorable Chair and Members of the Golf Commission

From: Dave Leimsieder, Acting Director, Recreation and Parks

Re: Recommendation to Receive Presentation of "Chuck Corica Golf Course Drainage, Project Technical Memorandum," December 5, 2022

Two slough systems, the East Slough and West Slough, meander through the Golf Course carrying rainfall and irrigation runoff from the Golf Course and stormwater runoff from surrounding roads. The two sloughs eventually discharge into a retention pond near Doolittle Drive, where the water is pumped into the San Leandro Bay. Groundwater beneath the Golf Course is shallow and tidally influenced and also contributes to the volume of water in the sloughs, particularly in the downstream portions of the slough near the pump station.

Stormwater runoff from Harbor Bay Parkway is collected in storm inlets and carried to the East Slough in a City storm line. The West Slough has a much larger tributary area that is generally bounded by Island Drive, Oleander, Magnolia and Fitchburg. Flow enters the city storm system and eventually is discharged, as various points to the West Slough. Incidents of flooding in the residential neighborhoods adjacent to the Golf Course and on Harbor Bay Parkway, causing the road to be closed, prompted City staff to investigate the cause of flooding.

In February 2022, staff entered into agreement with Wood Rodgers, an engineering firm with expertise in hydraulic analysis and familiarity with the City's storm system, to conduct a detailed investigation of the flooding and prepare their findings and proposed solutions in a technical memorandum.

Wood Rogers reviewed existing documentation, conducted staff interviews, field surveys, and condition assessments. Included as Exhibit 1 is the Technical Memorandum.

Flooding in the surrounding neighborhood and Harbor Bay Parkway are likely caused by accumulated sediment...

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