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Meeting Name: City Council Agenda status: Final-revised
Meeting date/time: 3/19/2019 7:00 PM  
Meeting location: City Hall, 2263 Santa Clara Avenue, Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, Alameda CA 94501
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Not available  
Agenda packet: Not available
Meeting video:  
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2019-6690 13-AClosed Session ItemCONFERENCE WITH REAL PROPERTY NEGOTIATORS (Government Code section 54956.8) PROPERTY: 120 W Oriskany, Building 530, Alameda, CA 94501 CITY NEGOTIATORS: Nanette Mocanu, Assistant Community Development Director, and Ted Anderson, Cushman & Wakefield NEGOTIATING PARTIES: Nautilus Data Technologies, Inc. and Hot Rod Shop Inc. ISSUE UNDER NEGOTIATION: Price and Terms of Payment  Not available Not available
2019-6670 13-BClosed Session ItemCONFERENCE WITH REAL PROPERTY NEGOTIATORS (Government Code section 54956.8) PROPERTY: 650 West Ranger Avenue CITY NEGOTIATORS: Nanette Mocanu, Assistant Community Development Director, and Ted Anderson, Cushman & Wakefield NEGOTIATING PARTIES: To Be Determined via Request for Bids ISSUE UNDER NEGOTIATION: Relocation of Existing tenants  Not available Not available
2019-6672 13-CClosed Session ItemCONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL-ANTICIPATED LITIGATION Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to paragraph (2) of subdivision (d), and paragraph (1) of subdivision (e), of section 54956.9 Number of cases: 6  Not available Not available
2019-6667 13-DClosed Session ItemCONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORS (Government Code section 54957.6) CITY NEGOTIATORS: David L. Rudat, Interim City Manager, and Nancy Bronstein, Human Resources Director EMPLOYEE ORGANIZATIONS: International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 1245 (IBEW), and Executive Management Employees (EXME) UNDER NEGOTIATION: Salaries and Terms of Employment  Not available Not available
2019-6668 13-EClosed Session ItemPUBLIC EMPLOYEE APPOINTMENT/HIRING Pursuant to Government Code § 54957 (b)(1) Title/description of positions to be filled: Interim/Acting City Manager  Not available Not available
2019-6646 13-FClosed Session ItemCONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL - LIABILITY CLAIMS (Pursuant to Government Code § 54956.95) Claimant: Jeffrey Cambra Agency claimed against: City of Alameda  Not available Not available
2019-6692 22-AConsent Calendar ItemRecommendation to Approve Agreement Appointing Yibin Shen as City Attorney Effective May 13, 2019. (Human Resources 2510)  Not available Not available
2019-6674 12-ASACIC Consent ItemMinutes of the Special Joint City Council and SACIC Meeting Held on February 5, 2019. [SACIC] (City Clerk)  Not available Not available
2019-6617 22-BSACIC Consent ItemRecommendation to Approve an Amendment to the Construction Ground Lease Deed of Trust (with Security Agreement, Fixture Filing and Assignment of Rents and Leases) for the Alameda Theater Allowing Alameda Entertainment Associates, L.P. to Incur Additional Debt in the Amount of $1.6 Million for Theatre Upgrades and Allowing the Successor Agency’s Outstanding Loan to be Subordinate to Such Additional Debt. [SACIC] (Base Reuse and Community Development 207)  Not available Not available
2019-6445 13-AProclamation/Special OrderProclamation Declaring March 2019 Women’s History Month. (City Manager 2110)  Not available Not available
2019-6675 15-AConsent Calendar ItemMinutes of the Special and Regular City Council Meetings Held on February 19, 2019. (City Clerk)  Not available Not available
2019-6673 15-BConsent Calendar ItemBills for Ratification. (Finance)  Not available Not available
2019-6595 15-CConsent Calendar ItemRecommendation to Endorse the Central Avenue Webster Street Options for Further Analysis and the Two-Way Bikeway Extension Between Paden School and McKay Avenue. (Transportation 310)  Not available Not available
2019-6597 15-DConsent Calendar ItemAdoption of Resolution Finding that the Harbor Bay Entities [Harbor Bay Village Four Associates (HBV4), Harbor Bay Village Five Associates (HBV5), and Harbor Bay Isle Associates (HBIA)] Have Demonstrated Good Faith Compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Development Agreement, DA-89-1. [This Compliance Review is not a project under California Environmental Quality Act.] (Planning, Building & Transportation 481005)  Not available Not available
2019-6586 15-EConsent Calendar ItemAdoption of Resolution Amending the Concession Agreement with Dialemi, Inc. (known as Jim’s on the Course), to Provide an Extension for Completion of the Event Center at the Corica Park Golf Complex. (Recreation 5301)  Not available Not available
2019-6588 15-FConsent Calendar ItemAdoption of Resolution to Accept a Construction Grant for the Encinal Boat Launch Facility in the Amount of $1,450,000 from the Division of Boating and Waterways, Harbor and Watercraft Revolving Fund and Authorize the Interim City Manager, or Designee, to Manage the Grant Agreement. (Recreation and Parks 280)  Not available Not available
2019-6622 15-GConsent Calendar ItemAdoption of Resolution to Endorse Declaration of a Climate Emergency and Request Regional Collaboration on an Immediate Just Transition and Emergency Mobilization Effort to Restore a Safe Climate. (Public Works 001)  Not available Not available
2019-6659 16-ARegular Agenda ItemAdoption of Resolution Appointing Vadim Sidelnikov as a Tenant Member of the Rent Review Advisory Committee.  Not available Not available
2019-6618 16-BRegular Agenda ItemPresentation on the CASA Compact; and Recommendation to Direct the Interim City Manager to Incorporate State Legislation Introduced to Implement the CASA Compact into the City’s Legislative Agenda. (City Manager 2110)  Not available Not available
2019-6593 16-CRegular Agenda ItemPublic Hearing to Consider Endorsing: 1) an Annual Report on the Status of the General Plan and Housing Element, and 2) an Annual Report on the Status of the Transportation Choices Plan and Associated Work Program Priorities. [Consideration of an Annual Report is exempt from review under California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15061(b)(3), the general rule that CEQA only applies to actions that have the potential to cause a significant impact on the environment.] (Planning Building & Transportation 481005)  Not available Not available
2019-6594 16-DRegular Agenda ItemWITHDRAWN - Public Hearing to Consider Adoption of Resolution Amending the General Plan Residential and Business Park Land Use Classifications to Resolve Conflicting Language Between the Residential Density Standards in the Land Use Element with the Residential Density Standards Adopted in the Housing Element and Clarifying Business Park Development Standards. [The proposed amendments are categorically exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15061(b)(3).] (Planning, Building & Transportation 481005)  Not available Not available
2019-6614 16-ERegular Agenda ItemPublic Hearing and Consider Adoption of Resolution Denying the Appeal Filed by Ty Hudson on Behalf of Unite Here Local 2850 and Approving a Design Review and Parking Reduction to Allow the Construction of a 96-Room Hotel with 62 Parking Spaces at 1825 Park Street (PLN17-0538). (Planning, Building & Transportation 481005)  Not available Not available
2019-6636 16-FRegular Agenda ItemAdoption of Resolution Amending the Fiscal Year (FY) 2018-19 Budget; and Adoption of Resolution Approving Workforce Changes to the FY 2018-19 Mid-Year Budget Update in the Planning, Building and Transportation Department, Finance Department and Public Works Department; and Adoption of Resolution Amending the Alameda City Employees Association (ACEA) Salary Schedule Establishing the Classification of Combination Building Inspector I, Retitling the Combination Building Inspector Classification to Combination Building Inspector II, and Providing for Equity Adjustments to Increase the Base Pay of the Classifications of Senior Combination Building Inspector, Senior Building Code Compliance Officer, Senior Fire Code Compliance Officer, Combination Building Inspector II, and Fire/Building Code Compliance Officer Effective March 31, 2019. (Finance 2410)  Not available Not available
2019-6623 16-GRegular Agenda ItemWITHDRAWN [This agenda item will be heard at the April 2, 2019 City Council meeting.] Recommendation to Consider: (A) Introduction of Ordinance Repealing in Its Entirety Ordinance No. 3227 (Ordinance Amending the Alameda Municipal Code by Amending Article XVI (Cannabis Businesses) of Chapter VI (Businesses, Occupations and Industry) to (1) Eliminate the Cap on Testing Laboratories, (2) Allow for Two Additional Cannabis Businesses to Operate as "Dispensary/Delivery" (Delivery Required; Open to the Public) Within the Zoning Districts for Cannabis Retail, (3) Amend the Dispersion Requirement to Require No More Than Two Cannabis Retail Businesses to Operate on Either Side of Grand Street, (4) Create a Two-Tier Buffer Zone from Sensitive Uses for Cannabis Businesses, (5) Amend Certain Portions of the Regulatory Ordinance to Enable Cannabis Retail Businesses to Dispense Non-medicinal or “Adult Use” Cannabis, (6) Modify Requirements for Off-Island Delivery, and (7) Make Other Clarifying or Conforming Amendments Thereto; and (B) Introduction of Ordinance Repealing in Its Entirety Ordinance  Not available Not available
2019-6549 19-ACouncil ReferralConsider Raising the Rate of the Hotel Tax (Transient Occupancy Tax). (Councilmember Daysog)  Not available Not available
2019-6645 19-BCouncil ReferralConsider Directing the City Manager to Create Breastfeeding Locations, Baby Changing Stations and Gender Neutral Bathrooms. (Councilmembers Vella and Oddie)  Not available Not available
2019-6671 110-ACouncil Communication Status of the Emma Hood Swim Center at Alameda High School.  Not available Not available
2019-6627 110-BCouncil Communication Review and Discuss Charter Amendment Timeline and Issues Proposed by the Council Subcommittee.  Not available Not available
2019-6641 110-CCouncil Communication February 2019 Topic Brief on Climate Action and Embodied Emissions. [Informational Only] (Councilmember Oddie)  Not available Not available