File #: 2021-1413   
Type: Minutes
Body: Subcommittee of the City Council and School Board
On agenda: 10/27/2021
Title: Approval of the September 15, 2021 Minutes

Approval of the September 15, 2021 Minutes


AUSD/City Council Subcommittee Meeting
Draft Minutes
Start - 8:32 am
Via - Zoom (recorded)

1 Call to Order/General Introduction
Jennifer Williams, AUSD Board of Education, President
Heather Little, AUSD Board of Education, Trustee
John Knox White, Councilmember and Chair of Meeting

* Gerry Beaudin, Assistant City Manager, City of Alameda
* Susan Davis, AUSD Senior Manager of Community Affairs (PIO)
* Kale Jenks, Alameda Family Services
* Shariq Khan, AUSD Chief Business Officer
* Michelle Koka, Executive Assistant, City of Alameda
* Randy Marmor, President of Alameda Youth Basketball
* Jodi McCarthy, AUSD Student Services Coordinator
* Pasquale Scudari, Superintendent, AUSD
* Vicki Sedlack, Executive Director, Alameda Education Foundation
* Amy Wooldridge, Director ARPD, City of Alameda (host)
* Kirsten Zazo, AUSD Chief Student Support Officer

Gerry Beaudin excused himself from meeting due to calendar conflict with another meeting. Amy Wooldridge took over for Mr. Beaudin. Brief Introductions for subcommittee members.
Councilmember Knox White Chairing Meeting. Congratulations made to Jennifer Williams as new President of the AUSD Board of Education.

2 Minutes

No voting on approval of minutes per President Williams

3 Oral Communication Non-Agenda (Public Comment)
4 City/Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) Issues

4-A Pool Facilities (AUSD & City)

> Shariq Kahn met with Alameda County Health Department to get an extension on shutting down Emma Hood Pool yesterday, September 14, 2021. A lot of money spent but had to shut down due to COVID-19. If the pool gets shut down, improvements to Encinal High school's pool, such flood light, need to be made. Will need to buy time to start that project. Next step is to document and send to the County. They will have a good understanding of what we are asking for.

> Heather Little asking if additional flood lights would be needed ...

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