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File #: 2022-2230   
Type: Regular Agenda Item
Body: Recreation and Park Commission
On agenda: 7/14/2022
Title: Recommend a Final Name for Alameda Point Waterfront Park, Located at the Corner of Ferry Point Near Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway.
Attachments: 1. Exhibit 1 - Final Results of the Top 10 Park Names Community Survey, 2. Exhibit 2 - Alameda Point Waterfront Park Location and Design, 3. Presentation, 4. Public Comment



Recommend a Final Name for Alameda Point Waterfront Park, Located at the Corner of Ferry Point Near Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway.




To: Honorable Chair and Members of the Recreation and Park Commission


From: Amy Wooldridge, Recreation and Parks Director


Re: Recommend a Final Name for Alameda Point Waterfront Park, Located at the Corner of Ferry Point Near Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway.




In October 2021, the City Council updated the City Facilities and Street Naming Policy (Naming Policy).  The goal of the updated Naming Policy is to broaden the naming criteria to allow greater diversity, equity and inclusion as well as broader community input at public Brown Act meetings.  Therefore, standing criteria is written into the Naming Policy that names should reflect diversity, equity and inclusion to intentionally broaden the representation of people in our community.


The Naming Policy provides a four-step public process. In December 2021, the Commission completed the first step by confirming the naming criteria for this park, which is Aviation - Alameda history, people and park features.


On March 10, 2022, the Commission completed the second step by selecting the top ten names for this park.  Staff conducted a community-wide survey with the top ten names for each of the four parks currently under consideration.  Exhibit 1 shows the results of this survey.


The next step in the process is the final step.  The Commission is being asked to recommend one name to the City Council which will then consider this recommendation and make the final decision to name the Alameda Point Neighborhood Park.


The Naming Policy includes the following requirements:

                     A focus on local Alameda significance but may reflect California or a national lens as appropriate. 

                     A person must be deceased for at least three years to be considered.

                     Names must reflect values of inclusivity and diversity.


In-depth historical research has not been completed on these names.  Depending upon the final name chosen, it may require further research prior to recommendation to City Council. 




The Alameda Point Waterfront Park is located at the turn of Ferry Point and is intended to be a passive waterfront promenade park.  It boasts incredible views of Seaplane Lagoon, naval ships including the U.S.S. Hornet and the San Francisco Bay.  It is the first phase of multiple phases that ultimately will build out the entire northern edge of Seaplane Lagoon as a waterfront promenade with the western edge being De-Pave Park, an ecological nature park.


This park was first envisioned in the 2013 Alameda Point Town Center and Waterfront Precise Plan.  The site consists of a large concrete promenade along the water’s edge with three tiers of landscaping and seating.  The top area includes many picnic areas, public art, grass areas and a synthetic turf lawn for classes and play area.  The tiered design is intended to work with sea level rise with the lower promenade being flooded as the ocean rises.


Historically, Alameda Point was the Naval Air Station (NAS) Alameda.  This was an active military facility starting before World War II.  “The base provides berthing for Pacific Fleet ships and is a major center of naval aviation.  The facility includes an airfield, seaplane lagoon, hangars, repair facilities, and residential areas for military personnel.  The most dominant feature of the base is the intersecting runways in the airfield area.  The runways are visible from the Bay Bridge and other vantage points around San Francisco Bay.”  [Excerpt from the 1996 NAS Alameda Community Reuse Plan].  The Navy closed the base in 1997 and this park is within the first major Alameda Point redevelopment site known as Site A.  Prior to the NAS, this land was primarily tidelands and marsh lands and was traditional Lisjan Ohlone land.  A large shellmound was located at Alameda Point and was dismantled with the shells and bones being used for the runway construction.


The top ten names that the Commission chose for this park include (in alphabetical order):


                     Alameda Point Promenade

                     Bessie Coleman Promenade - The first African-American woman and Native American to hold a pilot’s license

                     Captain Frank McCrary Waterfront Park - Served as the first Commanding Officer of the Naval Air Station Alameda

                     Liwa Promenade - The word “water” in the Coast Miwok language

                     Maritime Waterfront Promenade

                     Navy Veteran’s Waterfront Park at Alameda Point

                     Naval View Promenade

                     Pacific Fleet Park

                     Seaplane Lagoon Promenade

                     Waterfront Promenade

Based on the survey results alone, the top three names were Seaplane Lagoon Promenade (24.09%), Bessie Coleman Promenade (19.76%), and Alameda Point Promenade (16.55%).


The Commission may choose a name, using these survey results as one data point among many factors, and may also make adjustments to the final name it chooses.




There is no financial impact from creating a short name list for this park.




Make a recommendation to City Council on a final name for Alameda Point Waterfront Park, located at the corner of Ferry Point near Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway.



Respectfully submitted,

Amy Wooldridge, Recreation and Parks Director



1.                     Final Results of the Top 10 Park Names Community Survey

2.                     Alameda Point Waterfront Park Location and Design